How to Embrace Your Parenting AND Verve for Life

I go to work every day. 


I wake up at 6am like clockwork to make breakfast for my daughter.

We sing folk tunes and then we begin our day of play. I work from home and she ‘sometimes’ attends care. 


I either pack her lunch for a day filled with play activities, shopping, visiting a farm or we stay at home or a co-working space and I work and mind her simultaneously. Being around her in full spirit seems to stimulate my work – that which seeks to educate and guide others how to create heart-mindfully, move beyond their own paradigms and shift into greater freedom with their own lives and their own businesses.


But there is something else niggling in my heart.

Is what I am offering truly enough to make the changes I wish to see in the world

for my daughter when she reaches my age? Am I holding back any? Or am I playing it safe?


I don’t want her swimming in a soup of plastic like I’ve been.

I don’t’ want her to have to see wildlife drop in number day by day, or worse

never witness wildlife in their own environment.

Yet, more than anything, I don’t want her to be neurotic and in danger of mental illness at ANY stage in her life.

The more I speak to other mums and dads, the more concerned I realise we all are with the world AND simultaneously about how things are getting so neurotic about the way we question everything. The most neurotic of us talk incessantly to our children but never stop to realise about whether the information we are vomiting at them is more harmful than what we are keeping them from: not being able to run barefoot at the park since they MAY be needles on the grass, not being able to eat the food from THAT cafe since it might have pesticides in it, not being able to jump in the pond because you might get meningococcal. WE may be wrapping our kids in plastic, but then unwittingly feeding them more damaging info ABOUT what they are being wrapped FROM.

Will you remove yourself from the neuroticism and the stress of the current systems and make your own dreams of the world real? By starting with the way you relax in yourself and allow your child to relax too?

I don’t want her to have to worry about the further increase of stress diseases

Or isolation or mental illness, or suicide rates, or worse have to embody any of these.


The biggest thing that I wish she doesn’t have to worry about is,

Whether she can truly embody her own dreams and live a life that she loves, step beyond 

That which has been constructed and find her own creation.

And for her to do this, she needs to know how to balance a bit of sensible awareness and planning with freedom to run and play and laugh and BE A CHILD. 

What is it that we all need? 

We need to question about all the questioning that we’re doing.

We need to choose to RELAX.

Neuroticism needn’t be the underlying quality that makes us run (literally!) any longer.

We, our children, OUR MINDS, our hearts, our bodies work so much better when we are relaxed! We form better connections when we relax! WE form communities, our kids and us feel so much better supported when we can relax into the connections deeper.

And what else? What can teach our kids to embody all that life has to offer?

I’ll tell you where. It’s in that dream of yours.

To step away from the systems that don’t work, and act on those dreams we’ve been holding ourselves from.

The one that sits in your heart and makes it buzz with delight, with courage, with joy.

Do that. And watch your children thrive in its orbit. Learn from your joy and know that it lives in their hearts too.


Tatiana DalinComment