What if the Role of Mother Could Shift?

What if you were The Mother?

You can become the mother. He can become the mother. They can become the mother.

Did you know that through being the only option for the primary carer role, the ever-present Mother, women are being stolen from, in time, money and opportunity every single day?

Did you know that children are being deprived of a more varied life by only having one caregiver at home?

The role of mother has traditionally fallen to woman.

Let’s be honest, female biology draws women to stay at home to look after our children directly after childbirth. But societal expectations, the role of mother, tells us to stay at home long after childbirth to feed, care for and educate our children. Research shows that children’s minds expand rapidly with healthy primary caregiver presence and guidance in the first 3 years of life. So someone has to be looking after that kid. But does it have to be one person?

Women’s mental health often suffers dramatically by taking on board the societal expectations of becoming the sole or primary caregiver, the Mother. There is not enough awareness of this fact. Post-partum depression though much of the time to do with nutrient deficiency, is equally due to the fact that the role of mother thrust on women in this way is actually designed to be taken up by multiple people, the community, a village.

Women’s mental health equally suffers by having to drop the identities that they created before becoming a mother. They lose the identity they had before motherhood. Their roles become completely encapsulated in “Mother” and deprived of opportunity, income and the joy found in their authentic selves.

Why do we still follow this paradigm? Are there other ways we can bring up our children?

This is a conversation about how we can begin to shift the roles of life and take them out of the boxes that they’ve been allotted for far too long.

How can father be brought to care for child? How can uncle, aunty, friend or elder look after child in healthy ways without there being a stigma brought to it? 

How can the entire community come to care for that child?

There are ways.

Let’s discuss them here.

You can become the mother. He can become the mother. They can become the mother.

What is your truth?

Post your reply to how you would ideally like to see your child brought up, bar absolutely none. If the stars aligned, how would your child be reared? Who would help bring them up? Where would you bring them up?



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